About us

GruberChem Ltd. is an INTERNATIONAL SOURCING CENTER in China for customers in Europe, USA, Latin-America and South-East Asia. For our customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical and metal industry we are sourcing a wide range of chemical raw materials and metals on the Chinese market. GruberChem Ltd. was founded in 2003.

Today GruberChem Ltd. is one of the leading independent Chemical sourcing centers in China with a well established global client base. Gruberchem Ltd. is recognized by the producers in China to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. GruberChem Ltd. is a multifunctional group which operates as a link between their clients and the producers in China. GruberChem Ltd. takes care of all aspects of the sourcing process, saving their clients the costs and risks of building their own sourcing organizations in China.

GruberChem Ltd. provides individual solutions to all of the challenges that exist in sourcing chemicals in China.

Working with GruberChem Ltd. as your sourcing partner in China means working in partnership with our employees who are responsible, qualified and committed.
They make sure that our service is of the highest quality- ranging from rapid acquisition of products from qualified and reliable Chinese suppliers and the provision of expert and unbiased advice on the China market.